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Cherry White Design is a dynamic customer experience agency that aims to fulfil the needs of the customer to return the very best value on investment for any project. We help innovate and steer through advance strategy and user research technical. As well as having the very best to spec, design and deliver any stream of work. We put user experience at the forefront of our business so that your design aims are always optimised to improve your customer's ability to understand and buy.

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We are a flexible bunch, we can ingrate in to any situation from the strategy and research through to design and build. We take the time to understand every aspect of your business, working in partnership to help you achieve your goals.



We take an end to end view from the customer view and embed that in a way that your business see maximum ROI.



Ensuring that all the hard work will grab the customer’s attention.



Finishing on time, on budget through experienced agile development teams


user experience

Look your company’s full potential with targeted, research, design and testing.


ui design

The cherry onto to drive customer engagement and profits.


Web Development

If it is software, e-commerce or CRM we get the job done and on time.



Have something to say that your audience will buy into.


graphic design

Make sure your offline and online talk the same language.


App/ Mobile Development

Capture your audience’s attention anyway they go.

some of our work

British Airways

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the brief

Remodel the customer experience during disruption and improve customer satisfaction from 60% to 78% that are effected from disruption, in a multi-million pound transformation project.

How we helped

We look at all aspects of the customer experience to understand what the current situation. Compiling through studio testing, customer persona building, sales cycle planning, customer analytics and conversion rates.
This identified several key areas to evolve including restructuring the mega menu, the mobile experience, taxonomy, check-in process and arrivals and departures.
To ensure the greatest ROI we performed user research and scenario based user testing in Edinburgh, London and New York. This looked at disruptions from different points of a customer’s journey.

Miki Re-Brand

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the brief

To re-brand the online experience of the wholesale travel firm and build a HR CRM

the brief

We were tasked with creating an online brand that could have been rolled out to the wider group as a template. In this process we also design and built a brand new HR CRM system to improve the the recruitment process for the business and saving 50% of the time of the HR and management staff in the process.

Money Milk

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the brief

To design and build a fintech platfrom

How we helped

Our task was to understand the type of the user the site would appeal to and to design the first and back office of the site.

CA Technologies

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the brief

Responsible for transforming a desktop software to a web based SAAS app. A recent buy out of a multi-national product with clients included Walt Disney, Apple, Royal Bank of Scotland, Citi Group and Nationwide to name a few.
The product enables Data Engineer to data mining, data manipulate and generate data for QA testers and developers to use in software development

How we helped

Executing user research through sourcing key clients for interviews, persona creation, conducting user system tests remote and studio, to discuss areas of usage unique to each department
Creating complex user journeys working with XML, SQL, XSD and other such data formats to understand relationships and set rules between schemas, tables and columns
Demonstrating an evolution of the product through prototyping and pitching the concept to product owners and vice presidents


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the brief

To create a co-owned TV app for customers to extend warrantee for their Television.

How we helped

We created a prototype for to demonstrated how a user could use the app to extend their warrantee. We also ensured the best experience to combat the issue of having to input a lot of information using a screen keyboard and how to navigate to payments. This was by using as much data about the user and reversing processes to use look up data.

Domestic & General

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the brief

To produce the "Product Repair" first mobile friendly version

How we helped

We understand all the different ways that a customer may enter the site and navigate around. we paired this up with what the business wanted to achieve to define the mobile version flow to ordering a repair.


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the brief

Redefining the company’s most business-critical database showcasing £2 billion worth of assets across Europe

How we helped

Defining customised screens and journeys for external users in major financial institutes such as banks, pension funds and investors.
Managing a large volume of financial data including the calculation of rental yields, profit, rental rates, leases and selling agents’ commissions.
Identifying failings within the existing system through internal focus group and stakeholder workshops.


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the brief

To help redefine a high priority product for the Australian software PLC. A unique web based app that allows mainly financial services and government bodies to fully collaborate on documents and distribution them via online and offline channels.
We were required to create a system that would as so intuitive that the software would bring the client training hours to zone and would also achieve a triple A for accessibility.

How we helped

We started with a full review of the current system to understand the system and the user of the system. Through focus group workshops with various clients we understand what their end to end processes were and how the software currently fitted in. This allows use to understand the main user journeys and task that each member of staff and business.
Working with complex and fluid user journeys we were able to redesign the system and reduce the time on major tasks by 50%, which was confirmed in user testing and bench marking.


Only Marketing Jobs

Flight Centre


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the brief

To re-design and build the B2B travel portal

how we helped

As part of a large technology and customer focus transformation we helped by researching, designing and building the new wholesalers portal for travel businesses to book accommodations and travel. We went through multiple stages and versions to understand the type of users from across 184 countries and their usage patterns to build a bespoke process.

Argos Warranty Upsell

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the brief

To improve the conversion rate of upselling warrantee by 5% online

how we helped

We first examined the current process for a user to add extended warrantee to their basket. This allowed us to understand where there was drop off and which products a customer were to upsell a warrantee.
We then products a new way for the site to upsell at different stages of the sales process to see which achieved a higher conversion rate. Through all this we were able to increase the conversion by 9%.

some of the company we keep

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