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CQC Care Quality Commission

A discovery research project to understand care provider’s needs from CQC and how they interact with the commission.

To provide evidence and understanding of care providers regulatory requirements from not just CQC but local authorises and NHS. This was to be used to fund projects to improve the CQC service for care providers.

How we did it

To understand the provider’s needs I ran a variety of qualitative and quantitative processes both inside of the organisation and with the cares providers. 

Conducted focus groups and f2f sessions with all levels with different types of care providers from NHS hospitals to care houses and social programmes. 


Identify key ways the organisation could improve their services from a back office point of view to a ways in which the commission interacted with the care providers. This work provided the evidence for the commission to be awarded the funding to make the necessary improvements

Care proivder planning
User journey
Sprint planning
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