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British Airways

To remodel customer experience and improve customer satisfaction from 60% to 78% when the customer’s flight is delayed or cancelled.
The project was commissioned to improve the business handling of disrupted passengers after over 115,000 customers where affected by storms that hit the UK and costed the business approximately £15m. 


How we did it

Omni-channel in three markets

To start with we had to understand the current experience for a customer. To do this I examined all aspects of the customer experience to understand the current situation. This identified several key areas to evolve including restructuring the mega menu, the mobile experience, taxonomy, check-in process and arrivals and departures.

To ensure the greatest ROI we travelled to a variety of markets to perform user research and scenario based user testing in Edinburgh, London and New York. This was to understand how customers would respond to disruption from different points and how it affected the brand.

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Flight disruption project 3
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