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Fully creative ux and digital transformation agency based in Berkshire, England.

over 15 years improving experiences

Welcome to Cherry White, an award winning customer experience consultancy focused on maximizing your investment returns. Our team excels in crafting innovative strategies and conducting advanced user research. We provide top-tier design and delivery teams to elevate any project.

At Cherry White, user experience is our top priority, ensuring your design objectives enhance customer understanding and engagement. As experts in digital transformation, we analyze customer journeys to create impactful changes. Discover more about our services and case studies to see how we can transform your business.

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Putting your customer at the heart of corporate strategies and transformations

Customer-first approach that integrates your customers into the core of all corporate strategies and transformations. Our mission is to maximize your investment value through innovative strategies and thorough user research. Our team of experts delivers top-notch design and development services, ensuring seamless integration and superior user experience.

over 15 years improving experiences

Experience strategy

Setting out key objectives and KPIs to measure the financial and experience rewards of a project using existing customer knowledge and feedback.

Experience analytics

Highlight and identification of for areas of improvement and lost opportunities. Using the latest tools in web and offline communication to build the experience of your service.

Identification and prioritisation of the customer objective. Understand how you service is currently involved in the process and categorise potential project scopes.

Taking all the knowledge built up to build a service that can be effect less integrated into the customers process, through technology advances.

Service design

Using the research to design the end to end customer process and how and when is best for your service to be involved to gain the best experience.

Communication & Marketing

Experience is not just system or a service, it is how you promote yourself and deal with any positive and negative scenarios.

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