utilities client

Thames Water

Leading an award winning business transformation of business critical resource management, finance and customer service software.

Moving a legacy system to Salesforce, using out of the boxes functions, marketplace apps and custom build functions. In the process creating 72% reduction in task process time of users time for defined system processes.

How we did it

Our work covered all areas of the systems covering both the “waste” and “clean” sides of the business. This included the identify and redefining the end 2 end flows of the services. 

Building KPIs and benchmarks for the project and for each area of the system to ensure the project is a success.

Developing a SaaS brand and style guidelines for the designers and development teams to work from the ensure the whole system is seemless.


Running discovery sessions to understand the users needs from different areas of the business, including schedule and emergency planning, call centres and finance teams and stakeholders.


As well as executing testing sessions remotely in individual sessions and using software for large quantitative sessions.

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