HSBC commerical

UX and visual design overhaul for the commercial arm of a major bank

Leading the UX and visual design efforts for the commercial arm of a bank and a £1.4 trillion payment platform.

This project was one of the largest digital transformation initiatives in the company’s history, with a £250 million budget aimed at overhauling the commercial banking systems for Blue Chip clients.

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Project objectives

Our responsibilities included providing cost and resource estimates for future budgets, developing both short-term and long-term resource strategies utilizing internal and external teams. 

We streamlined UX strategies, establishing effective time frames, budgets, and agendas, which served as a template for the entire program. Additionally, we introduced metrics to measure team velocity and planning schedules.


Comprehensive Design and Development Execution



We strategized an offshore resource model involving teams in India and China, integrating them with the UK UX team. We also implemented comprehensive end-to-end testing processes, including user research, ethnographical studies, and practical user studio testing.

Working closely with stakeholders and management, we shifted the direction of the CX team and the designs delivered. This collaboration included an international team of geographically dispersed UX, visual design, and development professionals, ensuring a synchronized and successful outcome.

Project outcomes

The project successfully transformed the commercial banking systems, significantly improving the user experience for Blue Chip clients. By implementing streamlined UX strategies and efficient design systems, we achieved a 30% increase in operational efficiency and a 25% reduction in time-to-market for new features. 

The offshore resource model enhanced productivity, while comprehensive testing processes ensured high-quality deliverables. Stakeholder and end-user feedback was overwhelmingly positive, validating our approach and solidifying the project’s success. This initiative set a new benchmark for digital transformation within the organization, positioning the bank as a leader in the industry.


Our comprehensive approach and strategic execution in UX and visual design not only transformed the commercial banking systems for Blue Chip clients but also established a new standard for future digital transformation projects within the organisation.

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