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Are you ready to transform your housing association's digital experience?

Cherry White specialises in delivering UX and digital transformation services specifically for housing associations.

Our work with Peabody Housing Association demonstrates our ability to enhance user experience, streamline operations, and strengthen brand presence.


Project objectives

Peabody, managing over 107,000 homes and serving 220,000 residents, needed a seamless and intuitive system. 

This project highlights our skill in creating cohesive design systems, from wireframes to high-fidelity designs, ensuring all user interactions are consistent and effective.

Comprehensive Design and Development Execution

We started with thorough research to guide our design decisions, ensuring every step was data-driven. We developed a robust design system that aligned perfectly with Peabody’s rebranding, resulting in a cohesive and modern aesthetic. Our team oversaw the creation of new data capture, analytical, and publishing systems to streamline operations. By managing the product backlog carefully, we prioritized features that aligned with customer needs and business goals. We also fostered a collaborative environment that enabled development teams to work efficiently and effectively.

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Project outcomes

The outcomes of our recent project demonstrate the transformative impact our agency can deliver, making us the ideal partner for housing association leaders seeking to drive significant improvements. Our expertise led to remarkable enhancements across several crucial areas, which can be directly applied to benefit your organization.

Our implementation of a unified web application revolutionised operational processes. We integrated various functionalities into a single, cohesive platform, reducing complexity and eliminating redundancy. This streamlined approach cut task management time by an impressive 40%. For instance, the time spent on routine maintenance requests was reduced from an average of 2 hours to just 1 hour, significantly improving staff productivity. Imagine the efficiency gains your team could experience, allowing them to focus on higher-value activities rather than being bogged down by administrative tasks.

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Moreover, we played a crucial role in reinforcing brand identity. Our web application’s design and functionality were meticulously aligned with the brand’s core values and visual identity, creating a seamless and recognizable user experience. This consistency strengthens the brand’s presence and credibility, essential for building trust and loyalty among your residents and partners.

Positive feedback from stakeholders and end-users further validated these achievements. Stakeholders appreciated the project’s alignment with strategic objectives and its tangible impact on operational efficiency and brand perception. End-users expressed satisfaction with the improved usability and functionality, with 85% reporting a better overall experience. This positive reception highlighted the project’s success in exceeding their expectations.

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By partnering with us, housing association leaders can expect these same transformative results. Our proven track record in enhancing user engagement, streamlining processes, and reinforcing brand identity positions us as the ideal agency to help you achieve your goals. Let us bring these benefits to your organisation and drive the positive change you seek.

Join successful housing associations by partnering with us. Our commitment to user-centered design and operational efficiency will transform your digital landscape, ensuring a superior experience for your staff and residents. 

Let’s work together to modernise your operations and elevate your service delivery.

Contact us today to embark on your digital transformation journey with Cherry White.

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