Sainsburys & Argos

Designated with digitalising a £15million revenue generating Argos “Monthly Care”. The company’s product extended warrantee / care. The project was to create a MVP of a successful offline only process and introducing the service to the company’s website and app.

Once launch the directive was to increase conversion and the service offering of “care”. In the time I was at the business the care area of the online conversion increase from 4% to 11% through improvements to “3 year care”, introduction and further improvements to the MVP of “Monthly Care”

How we did it

Outlining and guiding the business on how to move the experience from an in store only function to an online first approach.

Discovered marketing and product opportunities through testing, such as changing the message around home insurance and call the product “accidental cover”.

Conducting various user research sessions to understand the types of customers that purchase extended warrantee, click test and remote interviews.

Analysing the potential cannibalisation of “3 year care” when “Monthly Care” became available and how that effected the net income to the division. This including creating the flows and experience for the new monthly care and increasing conversion of the current the already live “3 year care”.

A redesigned of the checkout flow to allow multiple Direct Debit channels to use the same page instead of individual pages and journeys.

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