Financial services client

HSBC Commercial

Tasked with procuring and leading the UX and visual designs for the commercial arm of the bank and a £1.4trn payment platform. 

The project was one of the businesses largest digital transformation project in history with a budget of £250m, to transform all aspects of the commercial banking systems for the Blue Chip clients.

How we did it

Provide the business with costing and resource estimates for the next financial year’s budgets, to resource strategy for the short and long term, including internal resource and external agencies. 

Streamlining UX strategies for delivery ensuring its continued efficacy, this encompassed each level of personnel, setting time frames, budgets and agendas. This became a template for the rest of the programme. Introduce metrices to calculate the team’s velocity and planning schedules. 

Strategise an off-shore resource model across India and China and the integration with the UK UX team.

Introduced end to end testing processes including user research, ethnographical studies and practical user studio testing.

Working directly with stakeholders and management to change the direction the CX team worked and the designs that were delivered, alongside an international team of geographically dispense UX, VD and stakeholders, development teams to ensure a synchronised outcome.

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